11 11 and The Guns Fell Silent

On the celebrated day, November 11, when violence should be the last thing on our mind the guns are blazing. On the streets we see daily all kinds of violence. Didn’t they say the day the guns fell silent was also the end of the war? The headlines from the Occupy sites in Canada and the US, from Syria, and from Gaza tell a different story. Real peace is nowhere to be found. and those who say they have it know it is fleeting.
It would be great if we could find a single entity who is at perfect peace and faces no threats or challenges. The guns are not silent, because men are still intent on being the lords of this earth without regard to the common debt of love.
Two days after the grand recognition of our fallen soldiers our neighbors are still falling and there seems to be no way out. Nuclear weapons, threats to civil aviation, and the groundswell of popular rebellion and revolution are the main ingredients of earth’s seething pot.. If only the gunmen would realize that the silencers on their guns are not functioning. We can still hear the reports of the weapons of war all around us.
Guns come in various guises. When Jerusalem silences the crime of Ahab in East Jerusalem we will see peace breaking out in the hot-spots. When the plight of workers and the poor come off the back-burner in western capitals we will breathe equality’s fresh air and when women and children are granted their full human rights all across the planet then we can say the guns are silent.
Somewhere a bullet is screaming towards one of us!
Stop! Silence, you guns of the sons of Adam.

Blue Lady! Always Jovial

After jumping over the withering form of her sibling there is not much left for the blue lady to traverse. She’s not afraid jinxes will end her reign, not when she seen so much of victory and phoenixes rising.

Great sheroes are not made in palaces: they arise just in time from ditches of disaster to be someone’s sister. The search for absolute justice ends with the Blue Lady. Lives soaked in pain are often blue, and seem best to speak for us because they have been where the flames actually strengthen, giving cause for appropriate jubilation.
So when the dust clears, eyes twinkle, awareness joined, nothing prevents the blue from being actively joyous, always jovial.