Confronting the senseless 45ers.

Cooper to Conway: Your answer makes no sense

Commentators often appear to be experts and that perception gets sidelined when the anchors actually host an expert or two.  Nothing changes however when the fact remains that potus45 was a hero for many Americans in spite of what was known about him.

The impunity with which he dumped his venom was never confronted until after the election, and just barely. Cooper’s unvarnished confrontation of lady Alternative Facts lacked one simple approach: asking closed questions, leaving the guest lots of room to try to hide a yes or no in the anti-Obama slop that 45’s surrogates relish.

The media is waking up and somewhat late.  Factchecking doesn’t work if one’s father is the father of lies.   Lies in business, lies in politics!  Just what America needs to redeem itself.  One lie to the FBI and the holodeck reality nightmare of potus45 disappears like wax in the presence of fire.  

The people who bring us the news do not need confrontation per se.  It is far better to contend for the good that is America, than to to go chasing the backward-looking dream of a quasi-magnate and sparring with a rag tag band of  deluded robots.   A good dose of courage and strategic interrogation will stop 45’s surrogates dead in their serpentine tracks.

Confronting the senseless

Cillizza: Trump’s most dangerous move

Just when we thought we had seen the bottom of the barrel with POTUS 45 he terminates Mr. Comey’s directorship of the FBI.  Ruthless? Yes.  Thoughtless?  Somewhat.  Dangerous? Unequivocally.  If we could hear the real reason for Comey’s firing the danger would be easily addressed, but the GOP are more interested in clinging to their adversarial M.O.  Eight years of blocking Mr. Obama have sealed their character as hassatan, the adversary.

Repeal and replace was the clarion call on the campaign trail and after 8 years they seem incapable of writing a bill to replace the Affordable Care Act.   There is no sign of a plan that will work and make Americans comfortable about their healthcare.

Does 45 forget asking Russia to gather evidence against Mrs. Clinton?  Why is it that praise for the FBI Director vanishes at the first sign of an investigation into Russian collusion with the GOP campaign?

I thought that businessmen were facilitators of employment and dignity.  The quasi-magnate who won the 2016 election made his mark by firing people, discriminating against immigrants and Black people, and hurling slurs at decent people.

Firing Comey is a fatal move.  It kills any chance of the White House to bask in the admiration of the American people.  45 will keep firing until he is all alone with his incompetent family and Altright “angels”. 

It is now five months since 45 fired Comey and the fired or resigned list is now past 8.  All the great people in the inner circle are gone.   If the 45ers think of 45 as a loaded weapon they do well to remember that magazines run out and lies eventually tangle up their propagators.