Not Another Apocalypse Scenario

Not another Apocalypse scenario from experts, commentators, and observers, please. TV programs, so-called evangelical preachers are laying out scenarios about the end of the age, with Jerusalem and Canaan at centre stage. None makes the claim that John makes in his book the Apocalypse, namely, that Yeshua is the revelation.
Apocalypse (apocalyptic) has come to mean disaster, chaos, destruction, just about anything negative, but not ‘unveiling’ which is what the word means in the New Testament. John’s book clearly puts Yeshua at the centre of God’s throne room and in charge of all developments in heaven and earth.
Off course and misguided, commentators have taken every single likely scenario that appears in John’s prophecy and they play on the fears of humanity while they ignore the role of Messiah in those events. Americans especially are transfixed by the violence and war images. Many seem to think that the ages will wind down with the United States being the sword bearer for the divine forces against the diabolic forces in one cataclysmic battle.
The subject of book of Revelation is things about to happen, not things that may or could happen, but things that must happen. So let’s not be speculating anymore about the path to the end of the ages.
The opening words of the Apocalypse
The Revelation of Jesus Christ, which God gave unto him, to shew unto his servants things which must (dei, Greek) shortly come to pass; (vs 1a)
John’s witness in Rev 6: 1
And I saw when the Lamb opened one of the seals, and I heard, as it were the noise of thunder, one of the four beasts saying, Come and see.
I saw
24 times we find the phrase “and I saw” describing things which must shortly come to pass;
After these things
“After these things” appears 3 times in chapters 7, 18, and 19 defining transitions to coming events.
And I looked
Three times, in chapters 6:8 and 14:1 & 14, we read of John’s looking – And I looked – to see coming events.
So, please, think about it. Who schedules and who benefits? Neither theocratic nor secular government, nor any military power makes the day.

End of the Trump Circus

On June 20, 2016 I wrote an essay entitled The Triumph of Buffoonery in which I mused on the candidacy of Donald Trump for the presidency of the United States of America. I also hoped that the Republican Party would soon take a principled stand against the uninformed magnate. This week, 7 weeks later, reports abound that a serious attempts are afoot to (my words) “heave him over the side and thank him for saying the kinds of things they have wanted to say for decades but could not for fear of offending an increasingly sensitive and polarized population and for fear of being exposed as the party with a hateful agenda”.
Pardon the violence, but even prophets of God get thrown overboard. This writer lays no claim to the prophetic mantle but does not mind being charged with believing that there enough decent and conscientious politicians and party members in the Republican party who know that the Trumphoon is a shallow megaphone who cannot see why his style and nobility are highly questionable and deeply offensive. Most of us will admit that at least a crude thought comes to mind from time to time, but this abominable wannabe does not have a single bone of contrition, humility, or common nobility.
The Trumphoon is going to crash because he thinks the United States is a business. He is going to crash because he thinks that tweets and slogans are the stuff of political leadership. The Trumphoon is going to crash because he has maligned everyone, including his party, his “team”, and his president. Did anyone ever talk to him about speaking evil of leaders?
Let’s recall that his candidacy was received as a joke, a stunt by a reality TV personality. It was seen as unrealistic and destined to fail. Hate speech and murderous intent do not inspire informed people. The Trumphoon’s tasteless humour, unfounded statistics, and crude language with rebuke by the GOP leadership show the depth of the political poverty Americans have inherited.
Let’s watch the next 3 weeks for a meteor to come crashing down on New York city and GOP Central causing damage that will take the GOP decades to repair.

It is now 2 years – August 2018 – and the 45th president has been exposed in court as a criminal. His personal lawyer and fixer pled guilty to financial campaign violatiobs at the then candidate’s direction.