S‎piritual Tricorder on a Verifiable Buffoon

Spiritual Tricorder on a Verifiable Buffoon

What other test can the great American Trumphoon not pass? Respect: failed. Patriotism: failed. Knowledge: failed. Entrepreneurship: failed. I know there is not much more. His talk about interpersonal love is not worthy of another mention, so let’s turn a spiritual tricorder on the buffoon.
Is the trumphoon counting on others’ faith in God to get elected? What would faith be if hateful speech sexual predation, and xenophobia are not on his radar? Is the trumphoon a spiritual person, generally speaking? First there is among spiritual persons, the recognition of undeniable common threads: civility and the shared neighbourhood. Once one begins to hear about greatness, chosen status and anger the spirituality goes out the door. The world’s collected wisdom centres on certain behaviours, even when the concept of God differs. People have rights and obligations and bullying and egotism are blinding examples of the absence of spirituality and wisdom. All those who call themselves Christians are covering their animus and 2nd Amendment violence, with their silence. The writers who consider themselves authorities are probably cowering an hoping no one will notice. It is left for us to assume that many of them are counting on a trumphoon government to hold back the rise of Islamic inclusion and give voice to virulent racists.
If trumphoon greatness does not arise from spirituality or civility then the search for a test must continue in the realm of the spiritual, but with reference to the dark side. A test for demonic influence seems in order. Better yet, switch the tricorder to the demon-possession mode frequencies. Is the trumphoon like a demon? Does he show that he is ready and willing to kill, steal, and destroy?
Is the trumphoon full of slander? The demon-chief is best known for being diabolical: as diabolos, he throws things. He hurls accusations and slander at everyone, and in particular at innocent individuals. People and demons under his influence will do the same. Those who have become cages for unclean and detestable traits will label their outrageous talk and actions as innocuous, boy talk, frank talk, and honesty.
Is the trumphoon destructive? The trumphoon destroys sacred ties, communities, and havens for the poor.
Is the trumphoon fierce? He barks at everyone that approaches, just like a unbalanced watchdog. The barks are perfectly intelligible. We all know what each bark means and where they originate.
Is the trumphoon a robber? Abuse of foreign workers, paying no taxes and bragging about it leaves the trumphoon naked and bleeding. Discrimination against African-Americans, Mexicans, uses steel from China instead of American steel, and uses cheap reign are important clues to the abandonment of common decency in favour of anger.
Is the trumphoon full of murderous intent? “Bomb the s**t out of” anyone is just not doable, at least not by any leading democracy. People cheer this demonic chant in a mindless rage and think that they can just change their psychological clothing at will the next day. They think that a foul-mouthed actor can become a leader of men because he wins votes.
Let us call on our experts in exorcism and invite them to challenge the trumphoon to undergo a simple test: are his steps to recovering greatness for America drenched in death, robbery, and destruction? Can there really be anything that will further nauseate the electorate? No! It looks like the gag reflex has been deliberately turned off and the United States may an opportunity to elect a demoniac to the highest office.