Royal Peace

The Prince of Peace gives peace that is not defined by circumstances. If one is invited to walk on water one needs eyes on the destination and inviter, not on the waves.
We often find ourselves in doubt about our status: concerned about work, play, health, finances, and relationships. If anxiety accompanies our reflections then we are missing an important part of our heritage.
Whatever is on your front burner ought to be under God’s care. Peter encourages us to cast all our cares on Yeshua and as we do we will find that He is caring for us.
Since the heavenly Father has given us peace we need not concentrate on the appearance of chaos. Like the anointing we have from God our peace does not come and go. On a dark day the sun is still present, so is divine peace ‎when turmoil and chaos surrounds us.
The peace that God gives is permanent and irrevocable, surpasses our observation ‎and is royal. Embrace it and treasure it without doubting.