Intellectual Trolls

The Supreme Court replacement should be of great importance not only for Christians in America but within the entire world. So says a professor of theology.

If it had anything to do with justice there should be no need to differentiate its importance to any group. If Christians are responsible for the US constitution they are responsible for its progress and abuses.

The founders of the United States are not even like Moses (who had to consult God when matters if equality and diversity arose) and they made their genius certain by putting religion at a healthy distance from government and law.

Breonna Taylor

Murdered by police in her home while the person sought was in custody.


American justice smells like an untreated latrine with the odours emanating from the executive mansion, the department of justice, and circulating freely in churches, “political” rallies, and among so-called Christians in the United States and Canada.

People Licensed to Kill are liable

Justice delayed is questionable justice


People who prefer to say “all lives matter” have self-lobotomized because life in most nations needs to be protected.  Black lives matter because friends who respect us are hard to find.  “Black lives matter” is a distinct expression of solidarity within the oppressed community.   Who in his or her right mind does not conclude that Palestinian lives are not as valuable as others or that vulnerable standard because friends who respect us are hard to find. 

Black lives matter more

Ethiopia mattered when Italy invaded and brutally.  It was Great Britain that cared enough to distance itself from the ridicule and apathy of the League of Nations.   Who cares about First Nations, their women (missing and murdered in Canada), migrant families, Palestinians, Rohingya, entire nations in constant distress and poverty (like Haiti and the United States!)?  Black lives matter more because their plight has been either a political football to benefit the wealthy or a thinly disguised murder strategy.  Christians are attacking the Black Lives Matter movement for some of its stated goals and viewpoints. Isn’t that how America decided to create a backroom for Native people and Blacks, saying in effect,  “you are different and less”?

Black lives matter more because they are increasingly vulnerable to state-sanctioned violence, discrimination by religious people and economic repression.

When was “All lives matter” a virtue in America, Israel, in our churches, mosques or synagogues? No royal commission or research project is necessary.

Very right, almost persuaded

Noisy gongs, offnote tones, and worldly Christian are the allies of the leader who refuses to read.  We are seeing the end of the beast, the false prophet,  and the devil happening in real time.  Yet, a horde of zoom-confident contenders are muddying the waters of Christian faith with their hopes for a Christian empire in the image of the United States. God has no such opening – not for a righteous nation. If today’s leaders refuse to get in touch with the live images of the Bible what hope is there for those who are totally thrilled with the sparks of their own devising?

We are either wrong or right, blind or sighted, living or dead, and watered down apostolic sayings will get us nowhere.

Tell your scanner to alert you about

  • Politicians who do not read
  • Christians who have Yeshua in 2nd place
  • Preachers who do not read their native language competently
  • Brothers who pass on the other side
  • Comrades who look down their noses
  • Sages with little experience
  • Children who claim to need no correction
  • Loving people who fear everything
  • Law enforcement that sentences before hearing the case
  • Natons that drink prostitution like water (they have the best and biggest everything)
  • Righteous people who hate everyone

Our opinions may not impress but God’s word, rightly handled, leaves no question.

Making food for hell

If anyone thought that the bigot in the White House was a decent and reliable person one could assume that the person was someone who believes all things, which is an activity aligned with the excellent way.  If the lies, bigotry, misogyny, failed business ventures, and racism were not happening one might have hoped that a conversion was about to happen or indeed had occurred.  The inciter of neo-Nazis and killer cops has no more power to change his ways than Adam to get bsck into Eden.  Christians who go gaga over the rot that is American politics prove that they are themselves twice as much hell-bound as who ever recruited them.

Jeremiah 13:23

“Can the Ethiopian change his skin Or the leopard his spots? Then you also can do good Who are accustomed to doing evil.

How quickly their nakedness becomes public.   They admire the only power that mirrors the outrages of the papacy and think they have enough magic to convince their disciples that there is a marriage between Judaism and The Way, and that America is the shining example of that marriage.   That is such a load of mule manure that Yahweh had an answer to that proposition long before he sent His Son to save the world.

Jeremiah 13:24-27, For Trusting in Falsehoods we pay

24. “Therefore I will scatter them like drifting straw To the desert wind. 25. “This is your lot, the portion measured to you From Me,” declares the Lord, “Because you have forgotten Me And trusted in falsehood. 26. “So I Myself have also stripped your skirts off over your face, That your shame may be seen. 27. “As for your adulteries and your lustful neighings, The lewdness of your prostitution On the hills in the field, I have seen your abominations. Woe to you, O Jerusalem! How long will you remain unclean?”

How many lies would you tolerate from your bishop, child, husband or wife?

If you are not a Pharisee you flee full speed from this kind of pimp behaviour. 

Sons of potus45

The bigot in the White House has many sons (I wonder how many daughters!) who swear there is no such thing as a virus pandemic killing people in the hundreds of thousands. All those Christians and their leaders who see a winner in the Republican party’s platform are tree waiting for the axe to fall.

Leading from the shadows

The threat is not death. Death valley is in every continent and island and God is in every death valley. The shadows created by created beings confuse, deceive, and enslave. Does anyone remember “there were no millions of Jewish lives lost in the holocaust in Europe”? Aren’t the shadows telling us now that only sick people die from covid-19? Do not those shadows even now tell us that up is down, that law is grace, and America is a righteous empire. I suppose the tribes of Israel did to make the point sufficiently clear.

After thousands of years of gathering to the sacred tent (or temple) for guidance and atonement the leadership disowned God. They said that the Roman emperor was their only king (basileus, king, βασιλευς, melek in Hebrew, מלך).

Even if America, or any other state, religious or cultural jurisdiction has dozens of streaks of divine instruction in its policymaking God does not hide his disgust with lies, with the oppression of widows and orphans, with the discrimination against what people eat, drink, or wear. His rebuke, censure and chastisement are equally out in the open; quite clear.

Who’s the boss, who’s your dad?

Politicians and preachers seem to have found bargain basement prices on mind transplant operations. They are spouting the same drivel about life and liberty without the only Saviour as the source.

Not enough time or money

Paul was a learned man not merely because he had a reapected teacher but because he was diligent to live the life he thought he had discovered from his study of the Torah.   We know how that ended.  There never was any expectation that the righteousness that was cherished by David, Abraham or Moses would descend on all the sons of Israel.  Neither does the Holy Spirit descend on and live in everyone who confesses Christ as Saviour while rejecting the effectiveness of faith.  I listen carefully in most circumstances and my curiosity has a long line of questions which a precious few translations can satisfy.  All the trends of education and right standing point to the stark opposites of stagnant practices and a waste of time and money.

Diligence (studying) to appear as genuine for many is pure mediocrity.   Can you imagine my surprise that it was a Seventh-day Adventist minister who began floating the idea in a book (WIKI article) that the King James version of the Bible is the original and genuine resource for gathering the details of God’s will?

If the guests at the table know that best drinks come out first then we are not drinking grape juice and calling it wine.

Eden is not our destination, the Hebrew Bible is old wine when compared to the Greek New Testament, and all the prophets take a back seat when God’s Son unveils the salvation of the world.  Diligence means going beyond the ordinary and popular to access the treasures of spolen and written language.  To be specific, the modern Hebrew,  French, Vietnamese,  or Italian translations are not to be compared to what Yeshua’s witnesses wrote. Diligence is not studying or merely reading.

One might conclude that everyone needs to be apt to teach but that would ignore the fact that not many actually are equipped to teach.  The wisdom of God has put all believers as learners (disciples are learners, mathete’s, from mantha’no, μανθανω, I learn), and few believers dedicate their resources towards advancing to be teachers who are not covered with shameful ideas.   We are in good company when we ask “What does the text mean?” instead of repeating “The Bible says”.  The large number of commentaries with opposing opinions need a second look so that believers are not tossed about by every wind of doctrine.  Good teachers know what the Bible writers mean and make no attempt to impose their views on believers.

The name of a popular figure attached to a comment does not guarantee that the comment is consistent with apostolic intent.  A humble approach to spiritual nourishment includes enjoying what one has and refraining from teaching when one knows that one does not know.  One can step out of the mediocre line by spending money and time to learn to digest the words of life in their original setting.  There is no substitute.