Government Silence over Fallen Warriors

The White House and the Pentagon were mum, and they might as well still be, for twelve days after four soldiers died at the hands of unknown assailants in Niger.

One obvious reason comes to mind.  Those superficial generals forced the real generals to hold back the truth.  The other is that no one attached to the White House could find any alternative truths to tell the sad story of four fallen soldiers and especially to tell how one of them was left behind a temporarily, and why a widow was not allowed the solace of seeing her husband’s remains.

They should have remained silent because the former general, now White House chief of staff, ostensibly tasked with curbing a undisciplined and characterless president, opened his mouth and unleashed a truckload of the same fecal matter that he was supposed to be preventing.

Forgive me, if you have any such resources left, because this fallout and general (no pun intended) failure to tell the truth has been present in religious circles for decades.  People who should be giving us the facts about our salvation seem to have an endless supply of opinions and incredible (literally) alternative explanations.

The 45th president has generals like Sessions and Kelly who are incapable of being genuine and honest until their personal feelings are hurt and who all are reaching for some questionable past greatness.  

This inability to feel for other people and the reach for past greatness, an Israel caricature to be sure, are also present among religious people. This lead me to hypothesize that politicians have seen that lies and talking points move people and work well among religious people.  Hence we have a host of  rabid surrogates lining up to defend silence and despicable ideologies.  I also have, to be fair,  to add up the fact that few religious people actually love the unlovely while they say that is their highest ideal.

The picture that comes to mind is that of a preacher frothing at the mouth about some perceived blessing or curse with an open Bible in his hand but not daring to show us where the Bible actually says what they are talking about.  Silence can be golden but in this case it is a symptom of the lowest facets of humanity just when the highest quality of interaction is needed.