Poor pretext for a protest

When the Canadian parliament resumes today in a few minutes we will see the facts about the opposition to the rule of law that political parties who lose elections face without so much as batting an eyelash.  No house can survive the constant sniping of losers. Protest is fine as long as our institutions have a grip on the rule of law and not a mere pretext for division.

Listening to irreverent nazis and fascists?

If we are caught in an audience will not season irrelevant fascists are speaking the best we can do is listen politely, but to give them a platform is the last thing anyone in a democratic country like Canada would want to be involved in. I suppose that the Canadian opposition leader has no such principle in his party’s platform. Any alliance with groups that clearly intend to assault the Canadian Parliament and the residents of Ottawa until their demands are met is pure and unmitigated terrorism.

Poor text is no script for nobility

Watch the minority parties for their waffling about what is happening on Ottawa’s streets. The press has the evidence of what the truckers say they want. This session of parliament presents an opportunity for Canada’s elected representatives to make a decision about the function of the House in the interest of cooperation and progress and hard line between a divided house or family. Apologies from those supporting an insurrection may be mere words, and an unambiguous stand for the sacred memorials and the results of an election are the only issues that seem to matter. Let’s see if the dark web of the conservative alliance with religious people will come under closer scrutiny.

Conservative decoration expired

The people calling themselves conservative, orthodox, or fundamental are likely to be on the fringes of what they are espousing.   Truly orthodox people with original ideas are prone to be afraid of what follows.  They are primarily good at protecting practical life. They are not expected to even be in tune with authentic thought patterns and are more avid users of slogans and cliches than being informed about the weightier matters of their interests. Since the conservative tools for securing society have to be locked in on yesterday – ancestral thought and practice – the present generation’s conservative leaning comes from being coerced and deluded because when the needs of the human psyche are at stake the conservative decoration is like expired food and a rusted and corroded medal.

The gold is dimmed and all that is left of national greatness and empire is cheap tin.

Parents who think that they have discharged their duty by imposing their fears and beliefs as lifelong standards on their children as if the exclusive body of lore and practice was not at one time a new thing are near the top of the list of delusional people. 

An era is not an alley

When the patriarch dies a new era can truly come into being.   Eras can be faked in many countries when a new a leader gets elected every four or five years.  The claim that all the policy changes in a 4 or 8 year period transforms any society is highly unlikely and deceitful. For the record, apart ftom being a specific time marker for the days of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob conservative is another name for male-domination, backward, monolithic, counterproductive, and regressive civic arrangements. Blind arrogance is the better conclusion.

Maybe small government works for snall countries

The deadly increase of dishonourable behaviour from children who were never set on a path of knowledge and discretion is telling.  The religious conservative is at best a person at the top of his or her game, knowing and doing the things required of the religion.  Such a person is also capable of transmitting the vision and substance to one’s peers or next generation.  His or her dread of the future persists even when it is clear that their own children’s futures are in limbo.

Why we should not listen to another conservative

The conservative politician or pastor may have a benign personal profile and academic achievement, but they almost never grasp the dynamic relationship between the excellent things of the past and the universally expected, rational and sustainable lifestyles in a mature now. They are perpetually throwing up barriers to progress and enlightenment for their own personal benefi. 

Today scares the old fashioned and conservative

They reject knowledge that they cannot recite like robots. For example, when faced with the original languages of the Bible conservatives choose English grammar and the science of the human fetus, and reject the evidence of a polluted and finite planet.

The conservative Christian is likely to be an extremist, a narrow-minded and robotic talking head, a person claiming to be interested only in the things that adorned the earliest manifestation of his faith.  This is a dead end distraction because the road for the majority of his peers seems to begin and end with the protestant reformation or with a local and contemporary development, such as an election, a visionary experience, or the increase of knowledge.

A political conservative is likely to be  a person with little awareness of what he is trying to conserve or protect and may also be nothing more than a member of a party that says it follows the past.  The smaller government demand of American conservatives is bewildering.  They would rather see big business thrive than to invest in people’s pursuit of liberty and happiness. They choose violent repression of civil rights over building the legal patterns of cooperation and diversity.  They want to keep their grip on the guntoting bigoted past, admitting none of the nation’s failures.  There are no depths to which the conservative has not already sunk.  They cannot see the wall much less the handwriting on it.  The label “party of Lincoln” used to identify the GOP means as much as “adult children”.  The light has gone out.  Time has run out.

Decoration expired

 Over against the promise of  America’s legislative brilliance and her historic generosity to the poor and dreamers of the world why else would God expose the poverty of character in the political process and in abuse of her own citizens whose skins are not pink if not to say as he said of Jerusalem’s house, “desolate”.