Economic Justice

     The Canadian loonie (dollar) is nudging up to parity with the American dollar.  On THurday September 2oth, the Candian dollar reached 99.87 cent in value.  Consumers have long lamented the disparity between two very competitive neighbours’ dollar value.  If the rich have anything to say or do about this recent development they will deny the average consumer this taste of justice.

      The US government and a few of its global allies have long dominated global economics matters with their stock market shenanigans, trade imbalances and consumer goods price manipulation – all in the name of good citizenship.  Gone are the days when the right to violate national sovereignties of others and hijack are exclusively European or American.  Somewhere a tycoon is weeping because the Canadian dollar have risen to new and threatening heights.  Somewhere a tired labourer is rejoicing and hoping that prices on both sides of the US-Canada border will stabilize.

     Economic power is in a new era with the rise of China and the organization of new alliances.  The Euro has consistently outperformed the US dollar and African nations may soon rise from the pits of nepotism and greed to empower their populations.  Justice (American) usually calls for retaliation and retribution, but this is something we will never see, at least not as an American initiative.  We can safely assume that the rich wil not begin distributing their wealth to the poor, and the poor can hardly wait to plunder those who have long oppressed the.  Let the plutocrats beware!  All those who have suffered deprivation and violence should be ready to receive their just due.  Economic justice is just as important as criminal justice.

     Where, oh where, is Robin Hood when we need him?