Happy New You

There are resolutions, revolutions, and remakes happening all the time, and people see New Year seasons as particularly opportune for changing their lives.  Even when the change is essentially external people often miss the opportunity to move their personal issues – character, desires, and intellect – to a new level.   We would be hard-pressed to find someone who wished to move to a lower level, so we assume that “Happy New Year” usually means happier, better and – I dare say – more challenging (than last) year.  Happiness in the new year, like beauty, is in the eyes of  the beholder, and ought to include a new you.

New homes, schools, partners and jobs are exciting transitions and steps.  They confirm our upward trajectory, but these kinds of changes also face the hindrance of an unchanged perspective.  People who take vacations in foreign lands usually come back to their residence to face the same problems with the same tools and resources.  Would it not be great it we really left our cold, busy world  behind?  With 21st century technology linking us to almos everything we leave behind on a vacation, it is no wonder that vacations are merely a distraction, because for many, life on vacation continues as usual.

The options for a new perspective, a new you/me, are not many.  The cosmetic remakes are not all they are cracked up to be, and we are NOT what we eat.  A new you may revolve around a weight reduction, a change in assignment, or an ideological shift.  Most individuals need a revolution, a reversal of their thinking, and the further one can move from “life as usual” the better the chances of a new person emerging. 

A happy and new you would make your peers and colleagues stop and say “Hmmm, I want what s/he has”.  If the new you is not surprising it is probably not worth the effort.  So, by all means, get the new things, but get (into) the new inner-you.  It is not as distant or difficult as most people imagine.  A happy new you is as big as your dream and as close as the words of fidelity you speak to yourself.  Go for it: a happy new you, yeah!