What Will They Call You?

When power falls from the hands of other people who thought they were empire-builders and heros of social change things can get nasty.  Name calling, intimidation, silence, isolation and  denial of privileges take centre-stage.  Most of us have found ourselves in situations where we are constrained to be agents of change, not merely agents for change.  So we step up to the plate, to bat for those who we care about, we run for office, we offer ourselves for service.  They can call you winner because the path never really included the empire-builders and the privileged crew .  Those who have rejected change will call you every possible derogatory name , but you know who you are, and it is important to remmeber that names that your parents did not give you do not really matter.

Let’s say you do not have the face or body of a model, a TV or film star, or fitness guru, what does your mother call you?  The same thing she called you when she first looked at your alien physique: “beautiful and precious”.

Let’s say you do have the face or body of a model, a TV or film star, or fitness guru, and let’s say the TV shows and social media aren’t exactly friendly and call you something other than what your dad would call you.  What do you call yourself?

Knowing that name-calling can be a legal millstone around the neck I would prefer to call people by the name they most like to use.   I would hope that everybody would see how much that name reflects the you that is in motion, forward or backward.  For those whose activities can make others look bad, I offer one simple suggestion which I aply to myself: you call me what you are afraid of, and let me call you call what I am.  Either way people will see the difference between what some people call and what you are.