Look at What They’re Doing to My Child

You are not kidding!  A child bearing the brunt of insensitive and ignorant peers is not new.  Racist environments foster violence and we live in one now, and we have ourselves – in some way – been shaped by societies that could not see the future and care little about the past.

Feigning ignorance is an old racist ploy, but what if people really do not see the problem with certain discriminatory expressions and behaviours? What if the newspapers and watchdogs are equally biased against people of another race?
Someone needs to advocate for the child. Take the case to the primary perpetrators. Waiting is not an option. Things only get worse and the likelihood of permanent effect of this kind of pressure on a young child is too great to ignore.

Parents are the best judge of the actions that should be followed, with, of course, due consideration to the advice of professionals in the field of psychology and spirituality.  The school system can be cruelly apathetic to the needs of children and in this day and age they can be easily called to account, publicly or privately.

You will know that your struggle for decency and justice is having the desired effect when the perpetrators and their supporters are heard saying “Look at what they’re doing to my school!”