Teamwork: what Indecency

Handling the tension between team and personal interests must be one of the most difficult passages in life.  It would be simple if all that’s required was personal performance, but personal performance, when successful does not end in team recognition.  Teams are not stars.  Isn’t that why winning teams get a cup and the team members get rings or medals?  The indecency in teamwork shows up when a teams gets challenged or put under the microscope.  Then it seeks the cooperation of  the members, or does it?

Some people seem unable to understand the strength and benefits of the collective.  They seem to have the idea that teamwork is doing as little as they can, and looking for opportunities to gain advantage over their teammates.  Simple things elude them.  Replacing the empty toilet-paper roll, using a santi-spatter screen in the microwave , cleaning up after you’ve made a mess, and actually doing their assigned tasks.

The work in teamwork will always remain undone as long as humans have holidays, illness, inordinate bathroom breaks, casual chats, and unprioritized personal interests.

People who do not report for duty or fulfil their obligations have a right to declare themselves as failed, but that kind of decency is hard to find.  The next time you have an assignment take a good look at yourself and avoid the indecency of being silent about what you have not done and by all means refrain from accusing and badmouthing your teammates.  Do your job, consult (not the same as dictating), and give your teammates and the team a fighting chance.