Deathrow Junkie

There are people who are entrusted with the truth but they don’t speak it.  Many people have turned their backs on their roots and shut the door.  There are people who are afraid of death and failure as they rejoice in their power to kill.  They are like the bird who is afraid to fly, the fish who is afraid of swimming, when they know full well that broken vessels leak and that actions are the best evidence of our condition. The victim of that mindset is alternately on or off deathrow.

Curiously, the deathrow junkie is also a globally recognized oppressor of widows and orphans, the denier of the rights women and children, and foreigners. He claims to have the keys to greater stuff.  There’s little permanence in his priorities.  His goal is to look good because there is nothing in his program or propaganda that leads to any open achievement of spiritual importance.

The deathrow junkie is the guy who claims the title “just” while embracing the undisputed champion of condemnation. In the current era men are desperately trying to be anything that seems easy.  They grasp at gains and privilege even at the cost of becoming the worst kind of hypocrite, daily dead by 0900 hours, after fantasizing at 0600 hours that they are alive and belong to the human race.  It’s absolutely necessary for us to be divorced from tribal and cultural traditions that victimize us with on again and off again standards and conditions.  If  our behaviour decides our identity and we are flipping between sinner and saint, our middle name must be “deathrow junkie”