Every time another atrocity occurs most people are quick to relate it to their backyards. A few still respond with incredulity “Not in my backyard”, others acknowledging with “My backyard has certainly changed”, others feeling the need to create distance from the atrocity respond with  “I need a new backyard”, and the judge and jury types respond with “Why don’t we nuke that backyard?”  Not in my backyard is a popular human response to uncomfortable truths or realities even when the facts are inescapable.

In both the US and Canada the aftermath of a criminal offence one is bound to be painted with calls for punishment “to the extent of the law” and the popular propaganda that the state must use its resources to prevent its recurrence.  I am not buying this prevention cloak. No one is free from one’s DNA, no sinner, no saint. 

So let’s ask the sinner why he sins.  “Evil is in my lifepath”.  Try as one might, the saint has no different answer.  So is there some solution to DNA without evil?  Yes, a Frankensteinite monster from the science laboratory, or a creative religious drama of legal terrors.

The facts are inescapable if one lives in the real – not game show, comedy, or TV reality – world.  Evil can arise from anywhere except a cleansed conscience and heart.  One thought of superiority, one thought of superhuman capacity destroys the NIMBY mentality.  All the people on the planet are at risk both in past performance and progressive reality.  The testimony of history and reliable witnesses is that we failed the divine evaluation and continue to miss the mark.

The NIMBY mindset indicates an unwillingness to accept God’s view of humanity and His gracious provision for our dilemmas.  The seeds of displeasing God are ever present and are sometimes are the king of (even) the believer’s life, this is why those who lead should always consider themselves when they attempt to address the missteps occurring in their communities. NIMBY thinking includes “Not me”, “How could he/she…” and “I never…”  Let us then be diligent to find and recommend God’s backyard a place that includes all humans to whom His gate is now wide open.  Our DNA is our DNA.