They Do Not Leave When its Cleaving Time

Look at the scramble to keep people safe and you see a cover story for twisted coexistence theories. Look at the resistance movements across the globe and you see a trail of fragile alliances.   Churches struggle to preserve unity and mutual comfort between the saved and the unsaved, and most have realized that separating friends from disciples is risky and offensive. Despite well publicized innovations in law the mindset is still an agent of insularity and crude nationalism.  Discrimination is the partner to failed marriages and marrying people to David’s Zion is near impossible.

No matter how old you think your civilization is or how widespread your culture seems to be it would be great to remember that donkey-powered well buckets cannot be improved upon as planet-friendly and neither can us-them doctrines hold out any hope for viable cosmopolitan communities.

The Palestinian marriage to Zion is not happening soon.   The Jewish marriage to Zion is not happening soon.   Mohammed and Moses are the persistent enemies of Zionist fellowship.  Their madness is confirmed as they argue that the city of the great king is a place for Jews and Muslims.  If the Jewish and Palestinian residents of the City of David are not covered with shame today they never will be.  Their traditions have strangled them.  The bride is waiting and the wannabe grooms have proven themselves unwilling to leave their own families for Zions sake.