Believers find newness in Christ. Old things pass away. They float by. There is newness in all things and this is not based on our sight or other sense. The new things, all of them, have come. They exist and this is where reality’s dimensions poke us. There is a brand new world in Christ and we will not see it if we are not in Christ. Reconciliation calls for new eyes.

To reinforce this new world, Paul asserts that

… all things are of God, who hath reconciled us to himself by Jesus Christ, and hath given to us the ministry of reconciliation; (2 Cor. 5:18)

God is reconciling the world (same as John 3:16, kosmos) to Himself, so the all things are not (a) not as we would like them, that is, they are not our personal preferences (b) not as God wishes them, this is why all need reconciliation.


  1. thinking that there are things (people, places, things, relationships) that were just fine before we entered Christ.

  2. not embracing the fact that all things are new once Christ becomes our refuge

  3. confidence that some part of our lives do not need Christ

Imagine the insult that “You all must be born again” represents to a Jew.  At least the Jew is in the dark because rebirth is not a Mosaic concept.  A child who has been subject to all his life to the Laws of Moses, Christian or Jew, is not a child of God.  Imagine the insult to Christ that “you must keep the law” represents when people proclaim that the purpose of salvation is obedience, or that the only way to be happy is to keep the Law.  Reconciliation with God calls for all things to be surrendered because what Christ offers is both new and incomparable.  New is to old what east is to west.  The new is not a remixed old.  If we have not believed that, alas.