Growing up in Fertile Ground

Evil is here to stay. Every day has its adversity and badness. You have no doubt heard the very popular phrasemake sure this happens to no one else”. It is usually what we hear from the authorities when something awful happens in our community. So let’s take a closer look at the prevention of evil.

If there are 10 categories of immoral behaviour (as based on the ten commandments), then we have to label the whole body of legislation and all the inquiries and commissions as utterly ineffective. They have not put a stop to any evil. In fact evil multiplies. How little progress we have made!

We are expected to abide by the law, no exceptions, and zero-tolerance is the high standard. The law – any law – is not allied with grace or faith. We comply or we violate. So if it takes individuals a lifetime to grow up we know who benefits from an endless stream of regulations in a few months or weeks. No-one.

If Israelite children, drilled in the sayings of Scripture need to be saved from sin why are people still talking about growing up in the church?

Heading down that road of popular acclaim reveals a very broad road, and an unlikely destination which is obviously not maturity. Rules are for kids (Galatians 3). Being genuine covers both speaking the truth and not covering up our journey with gold medals and awards. We are not there yet. Growing up hurts, and calls for daily dying, and if these are absent, the odds are that we are like seaweed in a riverbed. Difficult but neither unthinkable nor impossible. Christ became sin for us!

Doctor J

Reflections on preventing evil