Perfect Praise

The praise of children in the temple is a striking example of how we should approach the Saviour even though the term Hosanna strictly speaking is not a praise term. It is a cry for help from the Hebrew language. HO-SHE-AY-NEE, means “save me” or as we have it in the New Testament from Aramaic HO-SHA-NAH, meaning “save” (Greek has no “sh” letter hence we get “hoSanna”). It is what Peter would have said in his native language, Aramaic, as he sunk in the waves of Lake Kinneret.
A familiar mode of salvation comes from the Red Sea experience of standing still to see the salvation of the Lord.
Another comes from Israel’s sojourn in the land of Canaan where the people face their crises not by arming themselves but by sending forth choirs of praise.
In response to both actions of God’s people he saved them from oncoming enemies and so he’s able to do the same today.
So how does hosanna to the son of David work? It works because we leave our salvation and have a rescue in the hands of the great saviour of the world. That’s really raising a cup of Salvation to the son of David.

Elbert E Joseph, PhD
Salt that refuses to be trampled