Study What?

Study what???

Study What? Getting it Straight About Cutting it Straight.

Recently and repeatedly I have had the hair on the back of my neck stand up and have bowed my head in prayer and shame on hearing someone use “Study to show yourself approved…” (Stsya) especially when it is on the lips of someone appointed to instruct and guide believers.
The approval is not that an audience says Amen or that the words spoken can be corroborated by commentaries. It is rather that the words spoken fit what is written, especially what is written about the Savior’s mission.

That which passes for Bible study these days is pure brainwashing. Do we recognize the difference between a lecture hall and a classroom ? Do we recognize the difference between a monologue and a discussion ? If commandments are the subject there is nothing to discuss. People who end every session (teach or preach) with obedience and the law of God are the current examples of demon-influence. They can end with Christ as a tack on, as they do in their prayers, but either ending – law or grace – is dust in the wind.
If you think you need to explain grace to believers then there is no Jesus in the picture. Let’s get that clear.

The most disturbing example of people using the saying “STSYA” is when children are the targets. Neither adults who merely read for perhaps one hour total in a day, nor children, nor semi-literate people who have any capacity to teach the Scriptures are in any position be evaluated as word-worker.
The outrage mounts when one realizes that the professional pastor comes up short

Elbert E Joseph, PhD
Salt that refuses to be trampled