All Pass Away

So you want to talk about eternal law and commandments in the heavens. Well let’s. Start with the fact that Jesus said so little about the law that people began to think that he was ending the law, and he was. But not as a smasher of the past. He is most certainly the new and exclusive Speaker. One would have to be still blind, still under the power of darkness, or plain dead to build on the sand of carnal ordinances and tribal customs, to not see that if salvation pricesses are like a relay, then Yeshua has the baton.

Let me first admit that using analogies such as passing the baton/torch, temple processes, or whatever metaphor we choose are usually inadequate to express the truth about Christ. So let it be equally clear that none of the people who preceded Christ in the realm of giving God’s message have passed anything to him, and he is not completing anything that they started. In this particular regard baton-passing fails. Christ has brought into human stream of life something unprecedented and incomparable.

Four terminals help me leap over the snare of hypocrisy.

  1. John the Baptist. End of the law and prophets (priest and king too). Cheap talk
  2. The death of Christ. Ascension and session. Priceless walk
  3. The will of God was done. He gave his life and took it back
  4. The end of the age. Heaven and earth pass away with all those words.

The end of the old is not the start of old.2

When our Lord said all will be fulfilled when heaven and earth pass away we know they all do. Pass away: heavens, earth, Law.

Righteousness is either faked or genuine. One is either doing a Pharisee job or enjoying Yeshua’s cake and wine.

Today is not too late to decide to to stop inventing righteousness and accept God’s.