Right way this way to death

There is a way that seems right…

Solomon says it twice, leaving the impression that a person ( )îsh, vya!) needs to tread mindfully when choosing a way.  Whether it is the many choices or the high stakes, we can relate to both especially since we have been told that we need to be familiar with all that God has said.  Noticing that bread does not bring back people from the dead, we are on the trail of the life-giving word, knowing full well that it does.  Not everything is what it seems. Gospel alone – blood and Holy Spirit – suffices.

Death is where we start. Right where Adam saw a right way is where we need our life-giving shot. No-one is able to undo Adam’s devastating choice by doing one or a million good things.

Now I know how easy it is to find financial, real estate, interpersonal, and leadership guidance in the sayings of Solomon, but not so easy to find the matters of life for the dead.  No matter what we find in the prophets we have to admit the prophets are not the answer.

If I were a Jew, with the knowledge that the first generation (600, 000) of my people ( bne yisrael the kingdom-to-be ) perished in a desert because they were an unbelieving bunch, I would be ashamed to open my mouth about law and righteousness.  They nor I have a chance of coming back from the dead with the provisions of the Sinai Covenant, nor with anything that does not come from the Prophet of prophets (POP).  I do not mean a prophet among or above others.  This is the prophet that eclipses all thereby creating a new definition, summed up in Son king-priest.  Moses was not sucking when he said “A prophet is coming whom you must heed in all things”.

Now, we do not want to speculate about Adam’s choice, but we do have to reckon with matters of mutual spousal and other interpersonal trust.  Neither do we want to pontificate about absolutes.  Maybe we still looking for the words to keep us alive without finding the words that bring us back from the dead?  We can either be satisfied with bread or we can acknowledge that only the Lord Yeshua has words that cause life.  The grave of condemnation is due to unbelief not misdeeds.  What seems right can only be right or wrong.  We connect with either the old or the new.  In Christ’s direction: faith and life.  Step in the other and you will find Sinai and death.