When Judeo-Christian standards have no heart for children and creates misery for them I smell a curse. Walls and prisons are signs of social decay anywhere, but especially telling

in Babylon

in China

in Israel

and in the United States

The great America cannot build protection for children in school but wants a wall to isolate itself. Where would America be without France, Haiti, and African labour?

Facts. Broken constitutions lead to broken nations. There is a nation that has became a cage, one massive prison, for every unclean and detestable bird (demon?).

Unenlightened hearts have lost even natural affection but the cowardly legislators can approve inappropriate and unsustainable affections in the guise of the liberty of love.

The world needs parental hearts sensitive to children equally as it needs the hearts of children sensitive to parents.


is defined as

interest in orphans and widows.

Civilized society chooses to help,

but passing on the other side,

and terrorizing the poor is

as poor as judgment can get.