Are We Abusing the Creation Motif in the Age of Global Atonement?

If any one is in Christ he is a new creation, (κτισις not κτισμα), work-in-progress vs product.

No one ever got saved by worshiping a creator: not the Jews, not the quasi-judaized. God is saviour to make us sons. Are you stuck in creation memorials?

Creation is a reference point for establishing the proprietary relationship God has with his created works. It reminds us of his sovereign will, namely, the great and eternal salvation.

Worship is empty without faith in the Son of God, without an admission of the fearful chasm between him and us.

Between the two testaments there is evidence that creator-God and saviour-God are not progressive revelation. There is little need to keep returning to creation as an effective mind-mover towards wholesome living.

In the Bible, deliverance from Egypt appears as a descriptor of God some 37 times. That is twice as many as God who created the heavens and the Earth (15 times).

Still, a creator-God seems to be pretty much the fall back position and we know that salvation was on his mind before he created the world.

When Moses wrote the Ten Commandments as Israel approached Canaan he referred the Sabbath commandment to God’s Deliverance of Israel from Egypt not God’s creation of the world in 6 days.
Believing in a Creator God does not save anyone. (Excellent interpretation by Moses!)

Salvation obviously comes to created beings, but it remains at the top of the divine agenda, invested as it is in the Son of Man, the Life-giver and it was made a must-happen event before the world began.

The name above all names is …