Highly Helpful Human Happenings

TO GOD nothing will be impossible needs to be addressed with people in view, saved or unsaved. There are many things that are not possible. The mindset that places human capacity and alliance with God on the level of divine omnipotence is responsible for people saving themselves by enduring, by obedience and many other false constructions. God is quite alone in saving us and alone in his ability.

Understanding that God is constrained by what he has said we realize that God, by saying nothing shall be impossible, is actually committing himself to do whatever it is we need. No business (rhema ρήμα) shall be possible to him is with regard to us. There are so many things that God will never do; he is not capable of failure, not capable of deception.

When the angel told young Mary she was going to have a child she wondered how. She hears how and gets encouragement that her barren and older cousin was also going to have a child. And wouldn’t you know it, off goes Mary to visit cuz Liz.

One can only imagine Mary’s eager watch on her own signs of motherhood but we do not have to imagine, we are certain that Mary did not become a worker or operator of any impossible rhema.

Not many women confirmed as barren have children in their senior years. No young girl has become pregnant and had a baby without male contribution. We are pretty certain about who finds no business impossible. We are going to have a good day whether or not we have agreement in prayer about our requests. We have top level evidence that God has already gone to the realms of impossibility.

The death of Christ cannot be outdone for majesty and significance and everything we imagine or desire is to God “no problem” at all. When we question how God does his business we should remember that God holds the bag, he knows best how to give gifts. and he is responsible for the helpfulness of all human happenings.

Not all things are expedient