Three Chilling Words

Human. Right. Abuse.
Governments everywhere are expected to be possessed of three characteristics. Humanity. Righteousness. Accountability.
The three are being tested by religious fervour masked as patriotic nationalism.

Canada’s new power

I have never apologized for saying the right thing, and I do not expect the Government of Canada to apologize for having a society where people exercise the right to assemble, express their views, and protest. Canadians do not apologize for wanting the human family to embrace the sanctity of human speech. Some one had to say it.
The Canadian government is doing battle with the Saudi government over Canada’s defence of people whose right to personal expression is depressed. The tempest in the desert centres on the kingdom’s attempt to slow the transition from cruel nepo-despotism to accountable governance for all citizens.

Silence is not appropriate

I cannot imagine anyone not oriented in the Arab world or towards Islam not cheering as women were given the right to drive. A simple thing like personal equality is only news where the notion is taboo. I am certain that the need to speak out against any authority is something the House of Saud recognizes. That need to speak out can be threatened using military equipment bought from the Canadian government, so we have a vital motivation to be heard on this issue.

Saudi Demands

Asking the head of a functioning democracy to apologize for stating the obvious is at least brash and distracting. There is little room here for whataboutism. Human dignity is at risk everywhere and the tardiness of some states is a fitting subject for public discussion. If not brash and distracting the Saudi demand signals the prospect of a nationalism that evokes the manifesto of violent actors and a deadly alliance between unlikely business partners.

When we talk about human our minds go to humane characteristics and ultimately humane treatment of one another.

When we talk about right our minds go to God who made all creatures with the authority to think, act, and reflect.

When we talk about accountability our minds go to all of us who need to explain what we have done when asked.

No one should lose their liberty because they stand up for humane treatment of all humans. No one should lose their life because they spoke words with which we disagree. No one should lose their ability to defend themselves when they ask governments to be accountable to the people.

Pardon us all, we cannot apologize

for saying,

“let’s get our Human Rights record right”.

Truly, truly, I say to you, we speak of what we know, and bear witness to what we have seen… John 3:11a