Stop Tricking the Next Generation

How does a child’s subjection to God-fearing parents figure in the child’s development? Rather poorly. A child without guidance is likely to fail and when the parent’s personal goal is imposed – in vain – on a child, we do inflict life-threatening harm. Adults stuck in juvenile instruction and custodians are balloons without hot air.

To each child his way

If a child knows only the following as important what is he likely to become?

  • Parents Demanding Compliance with a foreign code of behaviour
  • Disciples Demanding Participation in a foreign covenant
  • Secular Demands for loyalty in a common environment

Let’s not be biased about the categories into which children fall. In addition to being the poster for kingdom-bound persons, children are the complement to adults in God’s plan to avert the curse. There is also that more deadly category of commandment-keeping as the ultimate accountability. We can only imagine how deeply dangerous this foolish idea can be when a certain class enforces the ten commandments.

A daring dash to be righteous

How does one know when a child is not lying, or stealing, or committing adultery since this is all happening in the mind? Who is a mindreader?
What can one tell them about the great salvation when they have been supposedly doing all the righteous things all their young lives?
Can unsaved people keep God’s commandments? Of course not. If those who have studied and recited them for thousands of years are guilty of giving the world a slanderous image of the True God what chance has the competitively ignorant westerner of getting on the podium?

The answer to “Can unsaved people keep the commandments?” should have taken a second, and one should consider the relationship between those who lie to young people and those who make God a liar (like Satan).

A Throatful of Falsehoods

The nations of the ancient world of whom we have records devoted a great deal of energy and resources to convincing each generation that it had earned the gold medal in wisdom, conquest, and sustainable family life. WK3. We do not know the who, what, when, where, and why of every person’s journey but we are fully capable of recognizing when hope is missing, when love is not priority, and when people do not believe. We are capable of recognizing despair, fear, and death.

To say “one strike you’re out” to others and allow ourselves unlimited transgressions is the crux of the hypocrite’s greatness. The next generation of commandment-keepers will be so much more distant from the heavenly calling that they will be responsible for an unprecedented wave of vicious and shameful attacks on God’s people in the mode of Saul of Tarsus.

The deception is massive. God has undertaken to do something unprecedented for the new covenant people: write his laws in their hearts. Until he does there is no substitute, no build up to, no table preparation that is legitimate or effective.

The real voice of humanity crying for help has been put on the backburner in deference to making disciples for ourseives. Religious people have become so twisted that we can confirm now that only a few people are actually being saved.

We throw some much junk into the mix of our messaging that Christ is hardly seen any more. The content is quite literally Moses, some contemporary authority or data, and elementary topics such as food and drink, clothing, and festivals.

If we say we have not sinned,
we make him a liar, and his word
is not in us. 1 John 1:10