Righteousness in plain sight

People have no personal claim on righteousness. Not the saved, not the unsaved. Nobody. Righteousness is a God-thing.
The Jewish tales of covenant-keeping (even as a possibility) are proven to be unreliable and unfounded. The facts about how humans approach God are inescapable: blood and grace.

I have no idea why righteousness is not acknowledged as the thing that’s done to procure us a righteous standing.
Righteousness, signed, sealed, and delivered is surprising but on fact-check we discover we could have known that God was not expecting humans to fix their sin problem.

If there really was any possibility of any human rising to a flawless performance God would not have prepared the Lamb before the creation of the world.

Acting out our identity

A righteous action delivers a righteous state. Christ died for the ungodly.

How more ugly can we get trying to remake ourselves with obedience and chosen status!

Nothing else delivers what we need. Our attempts are rubbish. Doing nice things does not save people, and the persistent performance of duty does not corroborate salvation. Bad people do good things!

Grace is not a race

Therefore, as one trespass led to condemnation for all men, so one act of righteousness leads to justification and life for all men. Romans 5:18

One misstep led to condemnation. Death. It was not a multitude of sins that condemned Adam. It took only one.

One paraptoma led to katakrima

There is one right act that led to life. It was not compliance with the law.

One dikaioma led to dikaiosis (justice of life)

What does that fairy tale say again? Sin less but not sinless?
We are foolish to copy a tradition – keep a covenant that failed – that did no good for all of human history.

You do not want the law as your new husband. Its ex-status needs to be recognized. One would have to relinquish common decency and compassion to keep insisting that the law meets human need.

Case in point

Why would a conscientious neighbourhood committee eager to do justice not be fully aware that adultery is a two-person violation.
The villagers brought a woman they claimed was caught in the act of adultery. “in the act” means that there was no reason to drag one person into the village square or gate.
Let’s be sure that if the Lord Jesus was not present that woman would have died.
So let the Moses-head Christians throw their stones: they are happiest jumping on and off off death row.
Righteousness is not compliance with the law because there is no grace in the purposes of the law. We have seen that something in plain sight – and within easy reach- can become the subject of long journeys, distorted explanations and damnable lies.

But now the righteousness of God has been manifested apart from the law, although the Law and the Prophets bear witness to it— Romans 3:21