The devil in the details

The devil in the details is one of those sayings that people use to express their lack of faith in a proposition, or to cover up their conspiracy to thwart an initiative. The saying is also usd by people who genuinely cannot see the way forward and have evidence that an issue will face considerable challenges in coming into the light of day where the finger of God dominates the devil’s details.

Watching the UN wrestle the Syrian brat to the ground, while the Israeli bully rattles its sabres, one is moved by the raised skirts of the United States , who says the details have been the devil. No amount of Blessing America, no historical perspecive, no economic paradigm or or prediction can save the American nation from a catastrophic crash and burn. When one asks the historians and theologians about the failure of unity and prosperity to come to the streets of the nation one finds that there is quite a lot of devil in the details.

Main street is another expression that is used to mean the places where we should expect to meet the very ordinary and in one sense the pervasive characteristics of the nation. For example, on Main Street we see the hatred and disunity that the residents of High Street (the capitals and capitols) cover up. On Main Street we do not see the posturing that only whores do capitalism. The conflict about affordable health care for Americans is an example of the split between Main Street and High Streeet.

One can try to avoid the devil details but we are not allowed to blame the devil or a demon. We cannot even blame our parents and we dare not blame God. God could have made perfect robots to share his generosity and majestic things but he did not. We had better understand that being a perfectly performing beast is not what God wanted and that is why our problem is not sin: but monotonous and debilitating sameness, day in and day out.

If sin were a human problem (ours to commit and remit) then the Messianic Mission is a waste of time. Sin is God’s problem: only he can handle it. And look how he does it. All by himself. The devil in salvation’s details is that he saves us and we are safe even while we remain mortal and weak. The details can be scary, but when we ask for the details and encounter the devilish ones we should be sufficiently courageous to take the risk of seeing how mindboggling microscopic God’s control of life’s details can be.

If Yeshua’s words about the hairs on our head
and the camels we swallow are life what are ours?