Spiritual skulduggery

Thursday October 25 2018

I am sure you have heard the scriptures read in public – in church- and wondered what happened, due to the reader’s many stumbles? Or perhaps you’ve heard an assembly reading at the same time from 5 or six different English translations. When Paul encouraged to Timothy to give attention to reading he was not talking about private reading or study. In those days the public reading of the Scriptures was essential so that the entire body of witness could be heard by all. This was no different from Jewish practice. The learned read and the unlearned listened (and committed to memory).

Listening, reading and writing are intended to elicit thinking not mere haste to say “Been there, done that!”. Any hurry to click “got it” ends in disasters, such as answering questions that do not exist or something like making majors of minors

No founding apostle made his mark apart from accurately handling the message (orally delivered by Yeshua and later committed to writing).

Consequently there is no New Testament hymn to ignorance or death. God wanted us literate and hospitable. Attentive listeners become expert reciters, and in due course reciters become readers and exegetes themselves. So let us read our Bibles in pursuit of Christ because once we have drunk the living water our search changes. We will have changed.

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