Protected from Adversity and Unimpeachable and Invincible

There are superheroes and there are super-conquerors. The first human is by any reckoning a superhero. He is resting in a well-marked grave, and his progeny thrive. We are the living witnesses to that fact. None of us is by any means a superhero like that or like the ones that fly, do not cry, hurt or bleed.  Romans 8:32 is not a convenient fall back position. There is nothing that should alarm us as viable opposition (Romans 8:28 ) We are therefore in an unimpeachable position. Who dares bring a charge against the elect? Romans 8:33

Who can be against us? Romans 8:37 No-one. “What” does not even register. Yet the tribulation, distress, persecution,  famine, nakedness, danger, and violence are the all-consuming concern of Christian leaders (and many of us). The world is important as our home even thought its presents constant hazards to us when we should be in dominion. The world and everything in it – men and their aspirations and fears , plants and animals – are in God’s hands. If we have believed that God gave his Son for our salvation we also believe that the donation comes with all things for our enjoyment.

He who did not spare his own Son but gave him up for us all, how will he not also with him graciously give us all things?

Romans 8:32

We do not build our security or happiness on what might happen during the course of our lives because life in Christ is inoculated against whatever life throws our way.  We build on what exists.  Indeed Paul is not saying that
a) life in Christ’s love is a shield from adversity
b) adversity is sinful or useless
c) that there is a life free from oopses and injury

In Christ, as sheep destined for slaughter – death – believers excel.  In all situations, without guilt that their sins have brought on adversity, they own Christ the bank, and certainly all the cash in the vaults.