Hitting it off

This weekend is another opportunity for people to rub in the tribalism that has been around since Eden and it is equally an opportunity for people to name Christ and show how much we are in the game. Whatever our reason for having a specific to celebrating of our faith on the weekend, we can be sure it will not advance our growth and it most certainly will do nothing that God can approve if we have the minutest attitude of personal responsibility for hitting it off.
🔶Faithful at the exit. All the people who have God’s approval died in faith (Hebrews 11:13).
Noone can claim to have aced anything God demands. A successful journey is determined by safe arrival. Unlike the Egyptian Exodus Generation who perished in the desert, everyone who hits it off with Christ gets an entrance to God’s family plus immortality at the end of the age.

🔶It is God who ensures the safekeeping of what we commit to him. (2 Tim. 1:12)
Both our beginning and our end are not only mysterious, they are intensely personalized experiences and out of the public gaze (John 3:8). The idea that one’s harvest to God is left up to the wheat is as off the wall as the "get circumcised for acces to God the Father" proposition which is still a major obstacle to properly hitting it off with God.