Those Weeping Stones

An interesting confluence takes place when we put the Tables of the Covenant alongside the concept of stones crying out and the fact of hearts that were incapable of receiving the covenant. Claims of being Abraham’s children without a makeover is a fantasy. Abe would have loved Yeshua!

The stones we throw

The people who escaped bondage in the first Passover would be the prime witnesses to the success of the covenant but they died of unbelief. Before we accuse and execute others – by subjecting them to the ministry of condemnation engraved in stony tables – we ought to check our hands for absolute purity.

The stones that condemn us

The tables of stone are not an accident nor are they a token of permanence. They are the evidence that people talk a good game but need supernatural help to take the first step towards adoption. They are evidence that God has a greater idea.