Stiffnecked Protestants and their “buts”

This triad – [1] what we no longer are [2] who God is [3] what we are now – looks at “buts” in Ephesians 2. Why this chapter? Ephesians 2 is a litmus test for weeding out Pharisee types whose primary interests are resistance to Christ and futile discipleship to Moses and the prophets.

Grace alone makes us what God wants us to be.

All the buts – works, obedience, sinless holiness, loyalty, and life from the law – are sneaky attempts to put the worship of idols and men before the worship of God.

More foolish than self esteem

That the kingdom God is still food and drink after 2000 years is evidence of the wiles of the devil. The bewitching of believers had followed the following path

  1. Jews trying to impose Moses on Yeshua,
  2. Jews trying to impose circumcision on all believers,
  3. Christians poisoning the Bible reading world with thousands of pie-in the commentary.
  4. Secular Business models dominating the governance of the church
  5. Christless education in a fast food and video clip resources environment