Finally, that one viral plug

I have wondered to what extent the people who set out to make a global impact on human behavior are themselves convinced that one viral video or picture generated in the 21st century is relevant to every tribe and language and people and nation.  If there was though that KO saying or account, isn’t it likely that it has already been delivered by one who has been approved as the messenger of the true God and in such a manner as to be without controversy?  That one viral saying that humans need desperately has been spoken and remains in writing.

No controversy

God was

  1. manifested in the flesh
  2. vindicated by the Spirit
  3. seen by angels
  4. proclaimed among the nations
  5. believed on in the world
  6. taken up in glory

All Gospel

Every weekend we gather to refresh ourselves and move forward into the light.  The vast majority of us endure Christless messages and endless dramatic gestures and gimmics.  During the week, Christians handle perhaps a hundred messages with supposed spiritual value.  Sadly, most have nothing to say about the Anointed.  There is more distraction than there is instruction.  The African diaspora, for example, is hopelessly mired in singing Zion’s song in a strange land, instead of calling Babylon by its right name.  Most of the churched people, as another example, are playing dance to my music and let us see who get a standing O.  There is a lot of talk about God, blessing and victory, but not a word of the gospel.  This has to be resisted!

Amercan does not want to end slavery and there is no life from the Bible except from GOD-INCARNATE.