Way Home

How much longer can the effective face of religion stay veiled may be related to the concept of God. As Christians we testify to God’s fatherhood. I suspect other people who are either spiritually minded or even socially sensitive will testify to other types of relationships with a supreme being or to no supreme being.

Ways to say

Clichés like change the world or accept Jesus as saviour and Lord have helped to keep the facts out of sight. Even accept the message, being a well-intentioned view (from Isaiah 53:1, “Who believes our report?” ) can be a pretty mixed up report package that shuts out the original intent. The world will be the same until the end of the age and those in the world who call on God believing on his Son have immediate release from sin and death.

The troubled waters

Religions are killing us. Once we thought that a good guide to the religions of the world would open our eyes to a remarkably attractive and functional way of life.
Do you see the bridge between Islam and Judaism? Good eyes, if you do. That must be the hope deposited in you. Do you see the bridge between the Way and Judaism? Superb eyes, if you do, because Judaism may not be dragging followers of the Way out of their homes and off to prison and worse, but we both know that the ice on the lake is thin and the passions are extremely complex. As long as we disagree, the claims of God’s ancient witnesses seem unrealistic.

Temporary relief for the common ills

Many Christians are more into Judaism than they are into the Nazarene himself, and few of us are expecting the Rabbinate to announce that Jesus is the Messiah. The bar is higher than the mutual respect we say we champion. Respect for others does not come easily in a life defined by tribal pride – and by respect, I do not mean staying away from meaningful contact as proof that we are not trying to silence the other.

A sin forgiven is worth more all the blessings combined . Forgiveness of sins will eventually be the issue that forces us all to the grace of God, because it is the same problem that all humans face, and it is the one for which we have no effective remedy. That same sin repeatedly forgiven must be the glory of God because he is the God of the proverbial 490th chance.

Something has to change if we are going to experience the life-blood that keeps us safe while death surrounds us and sin besets our nature and behaviors. We have a saviour whose primary move made possible an uncomplicated way hone possible for all peoples.