Eyes on the Lies Rally

The steady stream of terroristic moves we see in the public square are not independent from the private myths we have allowed into our private lives. Every rally, revival, and reform movement can be shown to have been mostly feel good moments in both political and evangelistic activities, and less to do with guarding the precious heritage that the founders of our nations and Christ left for us.

Why does anyone who has been pardoned of all things contrary to the divine pleasure still believe that God does not close the book on individual sin? They believe that Exodus 34:7 is the abiding condition under which God interacts with his people in every age.

Forgive vs condemn

keeping steadfast love for thousands, forgiving iniquity and transgression and sin, but who will by no means clear the guilty, visiting the iniquity of the fathers on the children and the children’s children, to the third and the fourth generation.

Who does God clear? Who does he bring to life? Who does he hear? Who does he love?

  1. Is it not the guilty and ungodly?
  2. Is it not the dead?
  3. Is it not all who call on him?
  4. Is it not the world?

Rally to the Cross, not the Crowd

Who looks at the Crucified and see a thumbs up to racist xenophobic misogynist? Pharisees like James who think that zeal for the Law of Moses plays a part in the salvation of the world.

It is a Pharisee mindset that tries to keep up the wall of partition between those who have come to God and those who are yet to come. The faith of Jesus Christ is neither a political race nor a commendation of any tribal performance. The new and changed world must come from changed hearts, not from legislation. The less we have to learn and explain the more we grow. It is a wide road that leads to distinction. The words from God’s mouth are few and easy to find (if that is what we deem to be lifegiving). The words of prophets, patriarchs, and sages are all over the landscape. I am sure that God’s mouth is neither on loan or up for grabs.

To what are we saying amen these days?

Whose self-talk keeps clashing with the voice of the thunder from on high? Hopefully our own and not someone else’s popular Christless glitter?