Lord, I just want the fading glory

I have been compiling observations about a few statements that seem to hang around like a night-time trial of an innocent citizen. Sometimes we can be accused of having one eye closed but the things that I am observing include many that look more like having both eyes gouged out. Attitudes are so full of self (esteem, effort, and expression) that God and Christ are truly absentee landlords. Some of us have decided that drinking the bottle will give the advantage over just drinking the wine. Others find solace in monotony, repetition, insularity, elitism, relabelling things we do not own, clinging to sweet-smelling flowers, in a clear obsession with fading glory.

All flesh is grass, but God’s word endures.

All created things perish.

The biggie of fading flowers

There is no point to trying to comply with everything God ever said. Some things have become irrelevant and there are vistas of kingdom life that were kept under wraps until the Word became flesh and lived among men 2000 years. He revealed himself as the way to life.

That revelation was not in the law or the prophets or the writings. That revelation was reserved for the lips of God’s anointed.

If latching onto the ten commandments is said to be required them someone is trying to get away with spiritual adultery (see Romans 7).

Eden is a starting point

If we can imagine God giving the ten Commandments to Adam and Eve we can also imagine Christ saying “Keep the whole law and be saved”. Who buys that and for how long?

Moses glitter

  • God’s promises eclipse the Mosaic tradition (Galatians 3)
  • Christ distances himself from all of Israel’s caretakers, and calls them thieves and robbers. (John 10:8)

Kingdom glitter

  • Kingdom law needs a king. There was no king at Sinai and it took three magi to bring the King’s birth to Jewish attention. (James 1, Matthew 2:1-2)

The older conventions are easy to claim: the vast majority are about festivals, food and drink, and bodily functions. All are elementary and juvenile, now faded into no glory by comparison with the Light of the world.

There is no evidence that people of ancient times living under Moses’ economy had even the common impartiality, justice, and respect for other people. Yet they had instruction on the disposal of human waste.

Denying that God changes things he said in antiquity in order to bring his eternal plan to light is to deny Christ and to conspire with murderers and thieves.