Black History Month

The achievements of Black people are many and encouraging. God created Malcolm and Martin and Marcus and weve turned our backs to them. These men are the cream of Blackness. Each addressed the issues that most affect our people: education, justice, and home.

After we have gotten together and felt alright we are left with perspiring preachers with nothing inspiring to say. After the murder of our prophetic messengers we are left with a state apparatus that targets our people for imprisonment and death. After the celebration of the many stellar inventions by people of African descent and after lauding the achievements of our ancestors, will the attraction of lighter skin and straighter hair become history?

Canada and the US want us to forget that the building of these two nations proceeded without regard for human life. They fully expect us to salute and be patriotic to a system that does not understand humility, justice and mercy.

These – humility, justice and mercy – are not the demands of any religious group. They are the bare minimum for human accountability and sustainability.

There was a price for dreadlocks that was not monetary and I can say with certainty that dreadlock that simply look nice are not dreadlocks.