Hate Crime Rising

The vast majority of popular books are self-aggrandizing trashy fiction. For the longest while we have been hearing there’s a golden rule – love your neighbor as you love yourself – and this is all that God wants. Spare us that lipservice junk, please. God is more than that. Humans are capable of much more.

Haven’t we also been hearing that the greatest love is that a man lays down his life for his friends and the religious bigot in every religion says “Screw that too”.

That is why getting screwed is now the rising tide. The hate that’s in the human heart will keep rising until the cry rises, “Blessed is he who comes in the name of the King of the universe”.

Hate crimes are the badge of every proud tribe and the excuses we have been regaled with will most certainly add to the drowning that is near, whether or not we acknowledge that our houses (church, temple, synagogue, mosque etc.) are desolate dens of injustice.

Check your books at the door. Believe the message. Cry hosanna.