Might our right to speak our minds in public be under threat? How is today’s world different from the world into which Moses, Isaiah, or John (the writer of the book of Revelation) were thrust. There is always pressure to recant and the believer must be certain of his stand so as not to be swayed by spurious theories or death threats.

A fully formed mental attitude is in the works for each believer and an easy compliance with standards – whether many or few – will fall short. We love standing on the shore and expect to be called mature fishers. Conversely, we pick extreme fruit from the tree of popular theories and invite all kinds of attention, but when the critics and the paparazzi show up we play the persecuted victim card.

There will be massive deflections from the faith when the pressure to join the popular and approved religion takes over. Many who can’t get enough of church and the business generates will deny Christ.

  • They told us a man cannot be God.
  • They said a man cannot forgive sin

The incredibly virulent violence that shakes our world in the 21st century, ravaging people in their worship places is familiar to every religious group. We cannot spin this fact. Our refuge is the truth and our commitment to it.

Christ is Lord and the only Saviour and we had better be aware that pressure to deny Christian doctrine has been the practice of both Christians and Jews.

Changing our minds about Christ in favour of a common message which will include law-abiding pride amounts to recanting in absence of a threat