Certainty and Privacy

The clothes we wear, the things we ingest are poor means of identifying us. Even before we could create video with Satan’s face and Christ’s voice – with subtitles – there was always the ability to deceive. We have more than ample warning about this, and the need to have shields against deception is no less urgent now that we are the last days. Since Christ started preaching his kingdom the human race has certainty and privacy in all the arrangements and guarantees regarding participation in God’s business.

Works are not faith

I know your works, your love and faith and service and patient endurance, and that your latter works exceed the first. Revelation of John 2:19

I cite this verse as a reminder that even good things, holy things, and right things can all go south. Works, love, faith, service and endurance are different facets of human functions. They are, by any measure, things,

Idolize nothing

And there are no things which do not have the potential to become idols. Having idols around is risky. When God is not in first and exclusive place something or someone is being idolized.

Food, drink, money, and property are common objects we revere and adore. They can appear on the higher rungs of our priorities. Far more toxic is the idolizing of space, time, and people. They too are created things, not to be equated with the Saviour God.

Knowing God is now on a level which will completely go over the heads of most people because all they can see as important in the relationship with God are things and not the God-With-Us