The hounds of humanity’s last hurrah

May 29, 2019, 1308 hours

The public statement by Special Counsel Mueller was just released and Jay Sekulo is on radio parroting the bigot in the White House, “no collusion, no obstruction”.

Like the writer of Psalm 119, the creative genius behind the asinine presidential tweets and GOP talking points is happy to have a few seconds of glee from the crowd whose distinction are hatred for aliens, cheerleading for bigotry, blindness to facts and truth, and deliberate ignorance of the constitution.

Mr. Sekulo is supposed to be a constitutional authority and his understanding of his employer’s criminal enterprises will help Mr. Sekulo give up the moral majority’s conspiracy to create constitutional crises that will, they foolishly hope, make America a religious nation.

I suppose these hounds of moral horror do not see the ruins on Temple Mount, or the concepts of Judaism that are irreconcable with truth and decency, or the failure of Caucasian capitalism and imperialism. Social media, manipulated by Russia or China cannot save the pro life smokescreen from crashing and burning. The leash is ready.