No Repentance! Game over!

There is no repentance in the approach that says God changes nothing. If God does not change his instructions or introduce a new arrangement then we all should be stoning people for expressing their opinion, destroying our neighbours’ property, putting them to the sword, and taking their land and women.

There was nothing new or extraordinary about the call to repent by John and Yeshua if it was a call to turn from sin. The main thrust of the prophetic ministry had always been to insist that Israel turn (return shub שוב) to Yahweh. The kingdom in ancient history had degraded into naked spiritual adultery.

Impenitence is rampant today. It opposes the gospel and loves the law. It reveres prophets and miracle workers and rejects the cornerstone. Lipservice to Yahweh has been at the centre of Israelite life for most of Israelite history and dominated in New Testament times.

If Yeshua had not said it we would not have realized that little had changed from the days when Isaiah addressed the issue. Observation of the 21st century church shows that lipservice

It is a fallacy to talk about repentance that brings salvation as returning to God. Humans were never in God’s family.

The Jews had tremendous struggles changing their perspective from Moses to God’s Son. How we measure up in our times is to be measured by our eyes for Christ and our eyes for humanity of any standing or rank.