What about that obedient love

No one has greater love than this: to lay down his life for his friends. John 15:13 CSB

While most Christians stand securely on this set of facts, there is a constant erosion of the believer’s confidence. That supreme love sets the tone for the believer’s love life. The corruption in our souls does not allow us to settle for God’s highest expression. We insist on sinking to the sterile lowlands of noncompliance and curse. We equate the cross with the tools of condemnation.

Just the facts

  1. No one but Christ has laid down his life for (those destined to be) his friends so they can live
  2. There is no reason or logic for all of us to lay down our lives for our friends
  3. God has not invited anyone to imitate the Messianic death and resurrection

What love looks like

We can see how the multitude that wants to prove their love by succeeding where no one has is trafficking in oppression and emptiness. We must conclude that a bewitching is responsible for the supposed greatness of obedient love.