Hello to demonica

America! America! Your chief executive is demon-possessed. He steals, he lies, he destroys, and does not know he does. If those observations were not sufficient the present occupant of the white house is also an avowed sexual assaulter, champion of failed and autocratic states, coward on the international stage, and dunce.

Test him, America. Give him a book and have him read cold turkey. You will see how literate the person is to whom you have entrusted the guidance of your nation.

America! America! Pay attention to your radio stations, not the ones with buffoons like Limbaugh, but the ones with tons of religious programming, the ones putting country on the same level as God. There you will see Satan at work. There you will hear legal opinion incorporating ancient Israel’s playbook and there you will experience the abject lipservice to the gospel led by half-baked scholars and zealous ignoramuses, young and old. There you will see the products of a homeschooled generation of bigots.

America! America! Since you are satisfied with being the great home for demons, a massive cage for every unclean spirit, a haunt for every unclean bird, a haunt for every unclean and detestable beast, get ready to pay the price.

Every nation is intoxicated with American booze: merchandise and false gods.