Western Taliban Among Us

Deny Deny

The trail of denial is long and winding, disguising itself as the way of a chosen people, pilgrim people, as the global standard, and the principles that guide judge and jury. The denial of one’s roots can only end in catastrophe and in the nations of the modern era we find both the oppressed and the oppressors are busy denying their origins. With this level of denial here come old lies, shallow slogans and senility.

Divisive Diplomacy

Some leaders might just as well be senile, schizophrenic or bewitched. They lap up the vile soundbytes from the gutters of Nazism, dictatorship, and religious fantasy.
The religious people have been trafficking in doublespeak and a whole lot of Talibanism: segregating churches into ethnic enclaves, denying women and children the right to life and liberty. They want a state where biblical law (Mosaic legislation) gets superimposed on the capitalist and imperialist policies that have been the cause of every kind of evil.

A vile virus

Nationalists will deny George Washington, the House of Windsor, and the Lord of heaven and earth as long as these stand for justice that demands equal treatment of all human beings. That is the viral infection that has been allowed to take hold in public spaces.

Who is most famous for dissing foreigners?