Terrorist Bigot Wants an A

Cruelty and heartlessness has sunk the boat of greatness in every nation. Perhaps it is time to ask “Why does the most powerful nation want to deny anyone the dream of living and working in America?” The political corruption that holds nations from achieving their noblest goals is not complicated at all. Babylon was great until it wanted the worship of all nations. God does not allow the type of policies espoused by the bewitched generals and mighty men. We know exactly how small and utterly condemnable xenophobia is. Terrorizing helpless people has got to be the bottom of the barrel. The terrorist bigot in the White House is in league with the German people before World War II, the Jewish people for most of their history, and with the father of lies.

We woke today to the news that PBG (potus bigot gloating, potusbigotusgloatus) has unleased the armed might of the United States against the poor. If his backers had an eye to see they would know that widows, orphans, and children have a special place in God’s agenda. He will act swiftly against those who pervert justice for these parts of society. Just imagine what God will do for those who make orphans and widows or oppress the poor

God’s judgment is already on the land.

  • China holds 25% of America’s debt.
  • Children will not learn when they are hungry and afraid
  • Church priorities will end up like Solomon’s (or Herod’s) temple
  • Chattel prosperity is an abomination

A nation full of preachers and powerbrokers has no excuse for not recognizing a failed charlatan when he announced his candidacy for the US presidency with a xenophobic and falsehood-laced speech. A nation that fails to protect its children has sold its heart to vipers and scorpions. Violent Devil-spawn are agitating for a war that no-one ever won. One-third of the American people, at least, have earned the label.

Pretentious Pawns

America is a desert posing as an oasis for white people. PBG’s language is quite clear. His actions are unmistakeable. Under America’s spacious skies vice thrives when the Attorney-General lies for the president. Across her amber waves of grain poverty ravages countless lives. The flag is an insult when the door to those who want to come without no intention to steal land and murder First Nations people is being slammed shut. America gets an “F” today and for the forseeable future because I am sure that a youth-driven revolution is impossible. Prove me wrong!