I need look no further

When the words that flow are hateful, fierce, and unfounded we detect demon influence. The reasons the bigots of our times are not being properly diagnosed and their demons not being sent into the swine or whatever animal happens to be nearby is that there are too many demons. There are probably more demoniac heads of state than we would want to admit, and not enough certified or fake exorcists. Americans live in one huge cage, sharing accommodations with hateful and unclean birds, and I do not need to look any more.

When the preacher spends 10 minutes setting up his spiele and there is no sign that he has taken in the dimensions of the text I tend not to look any more. When the politician says “when you look at…” and there is nothing except more moronic megalomania people tend to stop looking.

When our friends keep turning our attention to symbols and idols we draw the line. We do not need kindergarten when we come of age. Faith – the man Messiah Yeshua – has arrived and maturity is the package. When they tell us that today’s movie is yesterday’s blockbuster we do not need to look any more. Counterfeits, cleverly devised fables deserve no further look.