Another Milestone – September 1

It is my birthday. My dad had 88 of them, and mother had 92. If you imagine that I have a few octagenarian relatives and exceptional caregivers among them, you are right.  The days I spent in their frontline care amount to the full number of their share of their days. As I celebrate this marker I am full of gratitude for them and for all the people who have stood courageously beside me, those who have quietly made sure there was wind under my wings to keep me aloft. 

This birthday is more than happy. The many things I dreamed of as a juvenile and as a young adult that are today’s reality are momentous. To understand my destiny as wrapped up in my village, in the capital city of my native land, and the specific ideals passed on to me, is to understand the popularity of injustice and insensitivity and the youthful courage to resist.

Above all, I have learned that resistance is futile when destiny calls and now the stars are in procession for triumph. I have learned to honour my siblings – love really begins at home – ECL, EVU, and WW.